Research Highlights

April 13, 2014

Prof. Bernard Ghanem Publishes Work on Low-Rank Sparse Coding for Image Classification

Prof. Ghanem recently published a paper entitled “Low-Rank Sparse Coding for Image Classification” in the IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV 2013). In this paper, a low-rank sparse coding (LRSC) method is proposed to exploit local structure information among features in an image for the purpose of robust image-level classification. 

April 12, 2014

An invisibility cloak for elastodynamic waves first proposed at KAUST with international collaboration

Mohamed Farhat, a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Computational Electromagnetics Group led by Prof. Hakan Bagci has recently published, in collaboration with Dr. Pai-Yen Chen (USA), Profs. Stefan Enoch and Sebastien Guenneau (France), and Prof. Andrea Alù (USA), a paper titled “Platonic Scattering Cancellation for Bending Waves on a Thin Plate” in the prestigious journal Nature Scientific Reports.

April 10, 2014

An Efficient Biosensor Made of an Electromagnetic Trap and a Magneto-resistive Sensor

Fuquan Li, a PhD student at the Sensing Magnetism and Microsystems laboratory led by Prof. Jürgen Kosel has published a paper titled: "An Efficient Biosensor Made of an Electromagnetic Trap and a Magneto-resistive Sensor​" in Biosensors and Bioelectronics. Magneto-resistive biosensors have been found to be useful because of their high sensitivity, low cost, small size, and direct electrical output. They use super-paramagnetic beads to label a biological target and detect it via sensing the stray field.

March 30, 2014

Rami ElAfandy’s Research on Exfoliating Gallium Nitride Nanomembranes is Published in Advanced Functional Materials

​Rami ElAfandy, a PhD student at the photonics laboratory led by professor Boon  Ooi, has recently published a paper titled “Exfoliation of Threading Dislocation-Free, Single-Crystalline, Ultrathin Gallium Nitride Nanomembranes” in Advanced Functional Materials (AFM).

March 26, 2014

An international team of physicists, led by Prof. Andrea Fratalocchi, has demonstrated that chaos can beat order

An international team of physicists, led by King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Saudi Arabia, has demonstrated that chaos can beat order - at least as far as light storage is concerned. The researchers deformed mirrors in order to disrupt the regular light path in an optical cavity and, surprisingly, the resulting chaotic light paths allowed more light to be stored than with ordered paths.

March 26, 2014

The World’s First Ever Flexible 3D State-Of-The-Art Transistors by KAUST EE Program’s Integrated Nanotechnology group

​The world’s first ever flexible 3D state-of-the-art transistor has been demonstrated by the Integrated Nanotechnology Lab’s PhD candidate Galo Torres Sevilla from Ecuador. This work constitutes the first portion of his PhD work which has been published as a VIP paper and cover page of prestigious Advanced Materials. 

March 20, 2014

Researchers from Photonics laboratory demonstrates a record bandwidth of 700 nm from novel III/V semiconductor based broadband light emitters

Mohammed Zahed Mustafa Khan, a recent PhD graduate from Photonics laboratory, lead by Prof. Boon S. Ooi, has demonstrated, for the first time, an emission bandwidth of 700 nm under the amplified spontaneous emission regime from a III/V semiconductor based superluminescent diode. 

March 13, 2014

The first practical implementation of electrostatic fractional capacitors using graphene percolated composites developed at KAUST

​​Here at KAUST, a true success story is to be told regarding the development of fractional capacitors, in which the latter was conceived fruitfully based on collaborative efforts between Dr. Amro Elshurafa from the sensors lab​ headed by prof. K.N. Salama (electrical) and Mahmoud Almadhoun from SABIC Corporate Research and Innovation Center, Thuwal, Saudi Arabia working at the the nanomaterials lab headed by prof.  H. Alshareef (materials).

March 08, 2014

Mena Gadalla's MS thesis has been published in Nature Scientific Reports

Mena Gadalla and Prof. Atif Shamim’s paper titled “Design, Optimization and fabrication of a 28.3 THz Nano-Rectenna for Infrared detection and rectification” has been accepted for publication by one of world’s best publishing house “Nature Publishing Group”.

March 07, 2014

Jhonathan Rojas' paper on Transformational Silicon Electronics has been accepted for publication in ACS Nano

Prof. Muhammad Mustafa Hussain’s Integrated Nanotechnology Lab’s graduating PhD student Jhonathan Rojas’ paper on Transformational Silicon Electronics has been accepted for publication in high impact journal ACS Nano.

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