Yasser Khan

BSc, University of Texas at Dallas, USA
Where are you now?

Currently I am pursuing doctoral degree in Electrical Engineering at University of California, Berkeley (US).

Why did you choose KAUST?

In my junior year of undergraduate studies at UT Dallas, I received the KAUST Discovery Scholarship. Though I had some mixed emotions about KAUST, which was a young research institution at that time, I decided to come to KAUST because the whole concept of a cutting-edge research university by the shores of the Red Sea was exhilarating. To date, I do not regret my decision - KAUST was a tremendous experience both academically and personally.

How did KAUST help you to achieve your career objectives so far?

Exceling in research was my career goal, which is why I opted for grad school. KAUST provided an excellent platform for exceling in research. I interacted with bright and enthusiastic researchers, had the opportunity to work in a world-class research lab, and came across new research ideas. This was a perfect mix for jumpstarting my research career.

What is your research topic?

At KAUST I worked on quite a few individual and collaborative projects. In the Photonics Lab, I worked on making really sharp tips for scanning tunneling microscopy. For my thesis work, I worked on light management in optoelectronics devices.

What were your research accomplishments at KAUST?

I was fortunate enough to work on novel ideas, and therefore my research results got published in reputed academic journals. The work we did on electrochemical etching of tungsten tips got published in Review of Scientific Instruments, and the work on energy harvesting in chaotic structures got published in Nature Photonics. Additionally, I was able to contribute in several conference papers and posters. Guidance and support from my advisor Professor Boon Ooi, the Photonics Lab group, and Professor Andrea Fratalocchi helped tremendously to attain research accomplishments.

What do you think about the KAUST environment and social life?

I was consistently been amazed by KAUST’s amiable environment. It was a terrific experience to work and live by the shores of the Red Sea and in a vibrant community like KAUST’s.