Dr. TienKhee Ng

BSc, Nanyang ​Technological University, Singapore
MSc, Nanyang ​Technological University, Singapore
PhD, Nanyang ​Technological University, Singapore

W​​hy did you choose KAUST?

KAUST and the Photonics Laboratory further provided him with an extra-ordinary experience beyond his imagination. Being challenged to reinvent himself, and seeing research scene beyond current status quo are among the qualities that the leadership influence him and his career in the most significant ways.

How is KAUST helping you fulfill your dream?

Being the pioneering batch of KAUSTIAN, he contributed his part in overseeing the fruition and continuity of the laboratory operation, as well as the installation of a semiconductor epitaxy growth facility, thanks to the timely PI and management support, and efficient campus / engineering, procurement and warehouse team operations. 

What is your research topic?​

His research centered on the innovation and advancement of light emitters (LEDs and LASERs) technologies and physics with the end goals of making them cheaper, consuming less power, and compact. He authored and co-authored journal papers and conference papers in the field of photonics devices and nano-structures.

What is are your research accomplishments before and after joining KAUST?

Currently, he is the manager for the Photonics Laboratory and one of the co-principal investigator for the Technology Innovation Center led by the Photonics Laboratory PI, funded by KACST. He is an IEEE member and reviewer for several international journals, including Journal of the Eletrochemical Society, Photonics Technology Letters and Optics Letters.

What do you think about the KAUST environment and social life?​

Living in a closely knitted and warm community gave him and his family a great sense of belonging. The diverse community, unique architecture, wonderful Red Sea view , as well as the food outlets outside the campus, at both Thuwal and Jeddah, added spices to their life in KAUST and KSA, in general.