Dr. Jiming Jiang

BSc, Beijing University of Technology, China, 2003
MSc, Imperial College London, England, 2004
PhD, Cambridge University, England, 2011

W​​hy did you choose KAUST?

Although KAUST is newly-built, it aims to be a world-class research institution. I believe it has the potential to realize this target. It is good to be a part of it and grow together with it.

How is KAUST helping you fulfill your dream?

Thanks to KASUT, I found an interesting research group and promising projects, and my adviser and colleagues are all very nice and helpful. My projects involve comprehensive engineering subjects such as communication, control, embedded systems, software engineering, digital/analogue circuit design. My adviser and colleagues are from different aspects of electronic engineering and computer science and very professional in their field. Thus, not only I can make best use of my previous knowledge and expertise in circuit design, but also I can grow and gain new work experience each day. Because of this, my research field is getting wider, and this will benefit my research in the future. 

What is your research topic?​

Circuit design and embedded systems for wireless sensor networks

What is are your research accomplishments before and after joining KAUST?

Before joining KAUST, my research was only on circuit design, and particularly on the nonlinearity issue in the analogue and RF integrated circuit. I created some circuit typologies and methodologies to analyze and reduce the circuit nonlinearity and published some academic papers. After joining KAUST, my research field has widened, and my field is now not limited to the circuit level, but also covers the system level.  My adviser gave me the opportunity to design the whole hardware platform for a research project. So far I've authored/co-authored several journal papers and co-filed a patent about wireless sensor networks. I was also awarded the SABIC postdoctoral fellowship because of the work. 

What do you think about the KAUST environment and social life?​

KAUST is a safe, active, beautiful, and very international community. It is like an oasis in the desert. I enjoy the social life here by getting to know people from different cultures and backgrounds.