Abeer Al-Saggaf

​​BSc, Effat University, Saudi Arabia
MSc student at KAUST
Advisor: Prof. Khaled Salama

Why did you choose KAUST?

I wanted an institute and a community that provides me with the experiences to grow and thrive academically as well as socially. KAUST was the answer. The best mentors from around the globe and dedicated students came all together in this place to work side by side and build their academic goals and contribute to the society locally and globally. KAUST is a unique institute, not like any other. The amount of support of all kinds given to its diverse members is incomparable anywhere. Those points made KAUST a very appealing institute to me to reach my goals.

How is KAUST helping you to fulfill your dream?

KAUST has provides us with many resources and constantly supports us in our quest of finding answers. The supervisors are world class, specialists in their domains. They provide us with the guidance and support we need. Moreover, the labs include all the equipment we need in order to conduct our research and even expand it more. All the hardware and software needed is available and if it was not, KAUST makes sure to provide it as soon as possible. KAUST academic environment inspires and enables its student to do their best work because it includes people coming from all over the world leaving everything behind to join each other in this place and work hard to contribute with all their best to science and knowledge.

What is your research topic?

The topic currently being investigated is the smart lighting systems. Lights and lighting are major parts of our daily lives from the minute we wake up until the night. All creatures need light and can’t carry on with their lives without its presence. Without light from the sun, no plant, animal or human can survive. One of the early discoveries of humankind is fire which is a source of light along with heat, this made lighting especially at night an early human necessity for survival. Light affects all creatures majorly including us humans. It is an optical stimulus that can affect our mood, psychology and even our physical health. Smart lighting systems give us the option to control light in various ways and to produce many light effects to benefit from this energy in a smart way. An example of that, RGB LEDs mimicking the sun light color variations and intensities throughout the day in doors.  

What do you think about the KAUST environment and social life?

As a Saudi, the internationally diverse social environment at KAUST was very beneficial since it gave me the opportunity to learn more and get new inputs from the people that came from every place around the globe. The environment at KAUST is a very friendly, welcoming one and also very safe. All members share a variety of facilities whether it was for dining, sports, and social activities. One of KAUST’s first concerns is to make the environment fun, engaging and enriching starting by the orientation that takes place at the beginning of the semester as well as many events and trips throughout the year that are organized to enrich and diversify the KAUST member’s social experience. Also, the work style at KAUST is very professional, advanced and inspires the student to do her/his best work.