Nanotechnology Lab

“Information for anyone, anywhere, anytime” is the research vision of the Integrated Nanotechnology Lab at KAUST. According to an article recently published in University of Southern California’s periodical The Daily Trojan (summer 2013), 98% of the world’s data (information) was generated within the last two years. But the question is: How are we going to leverage such a massive amount of data? The Integrated Nanotechnology Lab strives to build ultra-mobile integrated devices and interactive systems which will have faster information processing speeds and longer battery life, and will be multi-functional (both interactive and adaptive) with high resolution. In addition, they will be conveniently powered and affordable. By advancing the state-of-the-art electronics, every day we are making progress in that direction. But in our lab, we are also making them flexible-stretchable-reconfigurable-embedded and transparent while retaining their high performance, energy efficiency, ultra-large-scale-integration density and cost-effectiveness. By making electronic devices and systems interactive and affordable, information will be for anyone; by making such ultra-mobile electronics and systems sticking on existing objects and embedding them in objects we will make in future – information will be (accessible and usable) anywhere and anytime.


Our 185 m2 lab in KAUST has state-of-the-art micro and nanofabrication equipment in class 10 clean room area. Our equipment include: various thin film deposition capabilities (chemical vapor deposition, atomic layer deposition, organic thin film deposition, physical vapor deposition, low temperature crystalline semiconductor thin film deposition); nanomaterials growth capabilities (single to multi-zone furnaces with varied temperature and pressure capabilities); photolithography for direct writing and mask printing; reactive ion etching; wet cleans and processes; vacuum systems; 3D printers; probe stations (manual, semi-automated, high temperature, d-Prober), sensors characterization capabilities and such.