Dr. Jian Sun

BSc, Shanghai Jiao Tong University 2008
MSc, KAUST, 2010
PhD, KAUST, 2014

Where are you now?

Postdoctroal fellow at School of Materials Science, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST).

Why did you choose KAUST?
I was attracted to KAUST’s world-class faculty. The University draws excellent researchers from all over the world because of its international research environment and excellent laboratory equipment.

How is KAUST helping you fulfill your dream? 

Thanks to KAUST and my supervisor, I receive strong support both financially and technically to focus on my scientific interests. I’ve found our group members to be very kind and intelligent, and I feel very fortunate to get to work with them. As a young researcher, such an active and stimulating research environment continues to inspire me to pursue science.

What is your research topic? 

My research in III-V semiconductor electronics and condensed matter physics is extensively interdisciplinary. I investigate the transport of carriers in the semiconductor/metal hybrid structure from a physical point of view, and I also work on technically improving the output performance of the structure used as magnetic sensor (to produce higher sensitivity and an easier fabrication process, for example). 

What are your research accomplishments so far? 

So far, I have eight peer-reviewed publications (1st authored) and  one US patent. I have presented my research results at several premier international conferences. I have also won the KAUST Academic Excellence Award for the last two academic years. 
What do you think about the KAUST environment and social life? 

KAUST provides many services to its residents, such as on-campus housing, medical services, and entertainment, such as sports facilities, community self-directed groups for various hobbies, and a cinema. All these make life on the campus convenient and fulfilling. KAUST also provides a rare opportunity to explore Arab culture and the Middle East, leading to a broadened perspective of the world.