Changxu Lui


BS.c. Tongji University, Shanghai, China, 2008
MS.c. University of Rochester, Rochester, USA
Advisor: Prof. Andrea Fratalocchi
Why did you choose KAUST?

I contacted my advisor before applying to KAUST; I knew he had very high quality publications, and I was happy to find he is also a very nice person, so I was eager to work with him. KAUST also provides tremendous resources to the professors, enabling students to focus on carrying out their research.

How is KAUST helping you to fulfill your dream? 

My advisor provides me with very helpful instructions for my research, from a general study plan to outlining detailed research problems in the research. Professors in our department are very hard working, and you can get help from them even on the weekends.

The facilities at KAUST are also extremely good. We have very beautiful offices and we are able to use the powerful supercomputer Shaheen for our research.

What is your research topic? 

My research topic is light matter interaction in chaotic resonators. This topic introduces randomness to optical cavities to develop new physics phenomena.
What is your research accomplishment so far? 

My advisor and I have published a paper in Nature Photonics (7 473-478 (2013)).

What do you think about the KAUST environment and social life? 

All the people on campus are very friendly. I have a very big apartment and the community has very good sports facilities. There is beautiful weather in the winter. Overall, KAUST is an excellent place to carry out high-level research.